Uni World Athletes executive meeting in Toronto


Held at the NHLPA offices' in Toronto, this meeting gathered the most important union representatives of the planet.

First meeting of the year for #UWA executive committee. Held at the NHLPA office in Toronto, Athletes representatives from around the world, held a 3 days meeting to discuss important issues for athletes such as CAS, the next Rio Olympics or Anti-doping.

For Jean-François REYMOND, General Secretary of EUAthletes, this meeting was a unique opportunity to exchange views and discuss the strategy of the group moving forward "Uni World Athletes is a really important vehicle for our members, not only because of the long standing relationship we have with UNI GLOBAL but because unionized athletes need a global voice and this voice is #UWA.  Issues are now genuinely global for our members and they need a coordinated response. This meeting allowed us the finalize our strategy. Our road map is really clear and it's time for actions"

The next meeting of #UWA will take place in July in Amsterdam and an other one is schedule already for November 2016 in Europe.

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