FIFPro, UEFA, ECA, EPFL sign agreement on minimum contract requirements


EU Athletes congratulates its colleagues on the signing of this historic document benefitting players across Europe.

The joint agreement between player associations, leagues, clubs and federations is a great achievement for all parties and an example for the value of the European Social Dialogue for all stakeholders in sport supported by the European Commission.


From the press release of FIFPro:



The EU social partners in the professional football sector have signed their Autonomous Agreement on Minimum Requirements Standard Players Contracts, this Thursday in Brussels.


This agreement was negotiated by FIFPro (the worldwide representative of all professional football players); EPFL (European Professional Football Leagues), ECA (European Club Association) - and UEFA, the governing body of European football. The Agreement is accompanied by a joint letter where all organisations commit themselves to implement the agreement.


The agreement is a significant achievement for the EU social dialogue in the professional football sector. It is a first step in offering minimum social standards as to the form of players' contracts and is expected to be implemented in the EU, but also beyond the EU in all 53 UEFA countries.

To ensure that player contracts throughout Europe meet certain minimum standards, contracts must be in writing, they must define the rights and duties of club and player and they must address matters such as salary, health insurance, social security or paid leave. Contracts also must refer to the duty of players to participate in training, to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to comply with disciplinary procedures. Standard contracts will also contain provisions on dispute resolution and applicable law.



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