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While a club in Germany employs a player, the employer has to make contributions into a pension on behalf of the player.  Regularly, this money is collected for your pension, which is paid from the age of 65. 

If you, the player are under contract in Germany for less than 60 months you can apply for a „refund of contributions“, a partial reimbursement of the contributions from the German government. You are eligible to receive this money once you have left Germany for at least 24 months and you have to have a valid American passport and an adress in the US.  An eligibility for a refund also exists for a lot of other non-EU nationailties - especially African countries or Australia and Canada. The amount of money you receive is 9% of your Brutto-salary, with the top amount being 511 Euros per month you played here in Germany.  So per 10-month contract you can get back around 5.000 Euros.  It can vary a little bit, depending on how much you earned exactly and on how the team you played for handled the duty to pay into the fund.


What can we do for you?


First of all we will remind you when you are eligible to apply for and receive the reimbursement money after being away from Germany for 24 months.  Then the service we offer to you is to do all the German administrational paperwork.  We know where to apply on your behalf, so the procedures work the easiest and quickest way possible.  Also we have experience with what the authority needs exactly and how the process works.  As good as possible we will manage all the communication back and forth with the accounting clerk without bothering you.  As soon as the process is completed successfully, we will transfer the money to your account. 

As a special service we also offer you to regenerate even more of your money by filiing your taxes and applying for the taxreturn here in Germany.

You have a choice to make!


You may choose to leave the money in the pension fund and under certain circumstances (pay into the German fund 18 months minimum and 5 years in the American pension fund) you may receive payments as you become 65 years of age.  Then you will receive your German pension in small monthly payments of about 50 € over 20 years.  Or you can decide to have a secure one-time payment of the entire amount described above now.




Following is an example of how your pension refund is created and the total amount is calculated.

Lets say you signed a two year-contract with a German club and made about 35.000 Euros annualy.  Now you are back home in your home country for 24 months, we have contacted you and prepared all the forms and papers.  Those will be handed in here in Germany and after a process time of about 3 months you would find approximately 8.700 € on your account.

Here is how this adds up: The 35.000 € of your contract are netto, so brutto you are over 48.000 Euros which equals the top amount.  So you are eligible for a reimbursement of the maximum amount of 500 Euros per month.  Twenty times 500 Euros is 10.000 Euros.  Our normal fee for filing your case, giving you all needed information and handling the traffic with the authorities is 14%. But this is where your SP.IN membership pays off. As a member we will only take 13% from you and pay another 1% to the players association. So that leaves you as the player with 87% which is 8.700 Euros.  On top of that you may decide to have us do your tax refund, which is usually a minimum of 1.400 euros per year.  So in this calculation you would end up with 11.000€ plus.


This is just a very rough calculation of what your case may look like.  It depends very much on the individual situation and the payment can be more or less depending on your specific contractual and administrational  case. 

For sure we will get you as much as possible. 


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